Nr Course Days Hours Course Description
1 K1+2 2-3 18 This is the basic introductory course of the Kinesiotaping method, it is composed of the explanation of major concepts, applied anatomy, screening tests, muscle tests and applications for muscles, second day is aimed at corrective methods for mechanical, fascial,space,tendon&ligament, functional and lymphatic methods. All this is done in hands on fashion.
2 KT3 (Standard) 3 24 First a quick rehearsal of major themes learned in the previous course. Focusing on treating various common pathologies we meet in the orthopedic ward or in daily life. Case studies are presented for the student to learn all is done with full hands on of each and every technique
3 KT 3 (Sport) 3 24 Best suited method to help quickly and good to help sport people return back to their sports almost immediately. Explains the implication of multi tissue repair process. Suitable to professionals as well as the amateur athlete.
4 KT 3 (Posture) 3 24 Aimed at therapist that deal a lot with scoliosis and Kyphosis as well as people who suffers from misalignment from various reasons, trauma or disease
5 KT 3 (Lymph) 3 24 Easy way to help reduce swelling from all sorts of accidents as well as light medical problems. Very good to all who treat patient that have a lot of contact injuries.
6 KT 3 (Pediatrics) 3 24 Excellent methods to treat children with various conditions including neurological. Improving quickly disabilities.
7 KT 3 (Geriatrics) 3 24 Suited for therapist working with elderly population in hospitals as well as old-timer houses. Showing good results with minimal hard intervention.
8 KT 3 (Neurology) 3 24 This is best suited for therapists dealing daily with neurological problems, taking the course may shed light on how to deal in a different way with these problematic patients and how to ease the therapists work yet show very god outcomes
9 KT 3 (Hand Therapy) 3 24 Aimed to physical as well as occupational therapists and concentrate on common problems found in hand rehabilitation
10 KT3 (Visceral) 3 24 Treating the visceral organs as well as diaphragm in order to boost the ability of the patient to regain health. This is a very good addition to all
    *All courses are registered via the Kinesiotaping Association International. All applicants are receiving an international certificate from the KTA, as well as 2 Kinesiotapes per course. *Please remember these courses are hands on, participants are recommended to come with casual wear as well as a sharp pair of scissors for practice. *KT3 is aimed at providing the therapist with the possibility to really understand what he/she are doing. Since KT 1+2 is offering a wealth of data as well as techniques and tests. Finishing this level will enable the therapist to approach the CKTP exam. *Further training will deepen understanding of various and more specific areas of interest suitable for the expert therapist. * All courses are delivered by approved CKTI`s